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Bug Off Those Insects With Citronella Essential Oil!

Summer Time is when all those insects come out and never leave! As the weather turns nice and warm, many of us are excited to get outside and enjoy some time under the sunny skies. Sadly, the warm weather means there are also many insects that have been waiting to take

advantage of the season, also. And when they come out, you might find yourself itching, but for a whole different reason. Nothing ruins a summer picnic, hike in the woods, or swim at the pool like an attack of unwanted bugs, which is why people go to extreme lengths to repel any and all bugs. Modern manufacturers have spent years trying to perfect their formulas for strong bug repellents, using a wide range of petrochemicals like aldehydes, benzene derivatives, and other substances that could actually be harmful to the users. And this they do in an attempt to imitate the things that many plants do naturally. The repellant characteristics of plants are created down in the volatile chemicals stored in certain plant structures. These are the things we refer to as essential oils, and many of them naturally repel these pests.

A great essential oil for summer bugs is citronella!

Citronella is a lemony grass-like plant that bugs absolutely hate. You probably already know about it because it’s found in almost all outdoor candles, torches and lanterns. It's considered to be one of the most powerful natural insect repellents around.

Citronella is easy to use with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and put on the skin before you go outside, make a natural bug spray, or buy one with citronella in it. It smells good even though bugs don't think so! So enjoy the summer smelling good and staying bug free!

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