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Tis The Summer For Pickles!

It's that time of year when your garden is finally producing and you get to see the fruit of your labor! As you are harvesting, you realize that your cucumber plants have multiplied. You have so many cucumbers you don't know what to do or how to use them up. So what's the most common thing to do with them? PICKLES! I absolutely love pickles. A perfect fermented food that has great probiotics and that crisp-sour taste to them. I have tried canning pickles and have come to the conclusion that they just don't keep that crispiness that i like. So i decided to do refrigerator pickles. If you like crispy pickles these are great to try and they take barely any time to make.

Here is my recipe I have used:

Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Makes: 1 Quart


5 medium cucumbers

1 TBSP sea salt

1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar or regular white vinegar

1 cup water

I head of dill and dill leaves

1 clove garlic minced


To start, select firm, dark green cucumbers as these will taste better. Try not to use ones that are yellowing. Cut them in either spears or slices. Place your dill and garlic to bottom of a glass mason jar. Then add in the cucumbers. Stuff them all the way to almost the top of the jar. Mix the water, vinegar, and salt until salt dissolves. Pour into your jar filling to the top. Place the lid of and place in the fridge. Wait a couple days and enjoy your homemade delicious healthy pickles!

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