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Arm Pit Detox!

After many years of using a regular deodorant from the store that had high amounts of aluminum i was soon reaching for the clinical strength deodorant. Wow! Can you imaging how much aluminum had built up after so many years of using it? After switching my lifestyle to a more natural and healthy way of living, I tried to change what I was using for products and still am in every aspect! I started using Tom's natural deodorant and other brands but came to find two things:

1. Some still had aluminum in them even though they were considered natural and not harmful!

2. Some didn't work at all, it just felt like coconut oil paste on my armpit and it didn't dry.

After being frustrated and wanting to find a deodorant that worked I found DIY recipes and eventually came up with my own formula that I tweaked. This formula has baking soda which helps to combat odor and also draw out toxins and bacteria from the skin. Now if you think about it, if you have used many commercial deodorants, you may have a lot of toxin build up. Once you start using our natural deodorant or other brands, your skin may react in rashes, feeling sweaty, or really bad body odor. This is all common when you start switching to a natural deodorant. All the years of using a deodorant with aluminum has blocked your sweat glands so you sweat in your body instead of out of it! This is why your body reacts as such. Its smart because it knows it has to get it out! Your sweat glands might be in full force as they sweat out all the toxins. Your sweat production should normalize in a few days or weeks for some people. It just depends on your body. Your lymph nodes may even get inflamed because they are trying to filter out what has been kept in for so long. Your detox signs should only last for the first few weeks. Do NOT confuse this with a sensitivity to baking soda. We are working on a non-baking soda deodorant for those with sensitive skin.

What will help if you are detoxing are these steps and recipe! I have been using natural deodorant for over a year now and my arm pits are healthy!

1. Drink lots of water, help flush the toxins out!

2 . Eat a clean diet

3. Get Sweaty- get active and exercise or jump in a sauna! A sauna can help detoxing happen faster. Remember to stay hydrated:)

4. Detoxing your armpits with this recipe can help prevent rashes!


  • 1 Tbsp bentonite clay -I like to get from amazon

  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar- make sure to get organic and with (the mother)

  • 1-2 tsp water


  • Mix together in a glass jar (use glass or wood spoon, not metal)

  • Spread evenly on armpits

  • Allow to sit for 5-20 minutes

  • Wash it off if it starts to hurt or when 20 minutes is done

  • Repeat until the deodorant doesn't cause a rash.

Our current deodorant is a medium strength, try it if your :

-If your activity is regular or intense

-You are new to natural deodorant

-You work out

-You don't work out

-Warm temperatures

It's a wide range but works for most people! Try something less strong if you have sensitive skin:)

Sensitive deodorant version to come in 2018!

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