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Brussels For The Win! (Recipe)

Below is a favorite dish at our house. Pan fried Brussel sprouts. I'm going to let you in on the secret of how we make them! You will not be disappointed.

Pan Fried Brussel Sprouts & Garlic Cloves

Organic Ingredients:

1 bag of whole Brussel sprouts -I like to get mine organic from Costco or homegrown

Garlic Cloves

Ghee-this is clarified butter, those allergic to cow dairy can have it. You can use grass-fed butter if you want.

Avocado oil- this has a high smoke point, great to use for cooking. DO NOT use olive oil (it will oxidize at high temps)

Sea salt

Onion powder

Balsamic Vinegar

Cast Iron Pan

Perforated round spoodle

A Couple notes:

We like to use cast iron as it helps to make the Brussels crispy and cook very hot. You do not have to use cast iron but if you do have a cast iron pan that is deep enough, you will want to use it! You will also want a spoodle like this to put and take out the Brussels.


1.Take Brussel sprouts and rinse to clean. Cut ends off and slice in half the long way.

2. Next heat up your cast Iron pan on your stove and add in ghee and avocado oil. You will want at least 1" -2" of this so the Brussels can fry.

3. Wait till the pan is throughly heated and on high temp. be careful as you add your Brussel sprouts as the oil will spit at you so make sure to step back right away!

4. Let Brussels be in a single layer and let cook/fry for 3-6 minutes before flipping. Continue to have the heat at medium high.

5. In the mean time, peel your garlic cloves so they are ready.

6. Once Brussels start to soften and get crispy, flip them. Let cook till tender and crispy. You do not want them to get completely black or all the nutrients will be gone!

7. Finish all Brussels in batches and continue placing into a container to keep them warm or place in your oven on warm.

8. Once Brussels are don you can fry the garlic cloves. This will only take a couple minutes. Take off the pan and add to your Brussel mixture

9. Lastly, add sea salt to taste and onion powder. Then drizzle with balsamic vinegar on top and enjoy!

Who knew these could be so delicious? Brussels are a wonderful cruciferous vegetable to add into your diet. Full of nutrients, your family will love these!

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