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Essential Oils First Aid

There are so many different essential oils you can use when it comes to home remedies. However, it can be overwhelming. That is why I'm going to share a list of different remedies with essential oils you can use for certain health ailments!

Since it's summer, lets start with those pesky bugs: Wasps, hornets, spider, horse flies, etc.

Insect Bites:

Best essential oils to use for insect bites are Lavender (first defense), Purification (deters insects and acts as an antiseptic), Copaiba (for inflammation, supports immune response), Peppermint (helps with pain), Thieves (powerful antiseptic and disinfectant).

How to use: apply a drop or couple to affected area with a carrier oil. Lavender oil can be used as is for most skin types. For children use lavender as it is the most gentle. Other oils like purification can be used but dilute a drop with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil. Apply twice or more daily.

Bee Stings:

For any stings use purification and lavender as your first defenses. If there is a stinger, make sure to get it safely taken out. You can also buy and "extractor" on amazon (it's a kit for stings and bites). Pan away and peppermint essential oils can also help for pain from the sting and help to numb.

Note: If you are allergic to bees, frankincense can help with anaphylactic shock ( make sure you have an epipen). Frankincense does not replace an epipen but can help if there is not one near by. Pour frankincense on neck.

Poison Ivy:

When coming into contact with poison ivy or poison oak, use lemon as your first oil. Apply on areas with carrier oil and then add Purification, R.C, and PanAway. You can do a cold compress with these oils. Oatmeal baths also help to calm your skins reaction.

Wounds, Scrapes, Bruises, and Cuts:

When scraping up a knee or elbow, lavender is the first aid in a bottle! This oil is gentle, yet powerful. Apply onto area and add purification, frankincense, and helichrysum to help healing accelerate. Silver gel also works wonders on scrapes!

Sore Muscles:

PanAway, peppermint, valor, and lavender are all wonderful oils when you have sore muscles. Try taking a bath soak with epsom salts and add in these oils to help relax your sore muscles!


Lavender essential oil is the go to oil for burns. Idaho balsam fir and melrose can also helps burns as well. Remember to add a carrier oil for sensitive skin. Aloe vera is also wonderful for sun burn.

To make it easy for you to bring oils with you, keep them in a small bag in small 5ml jars so you can bring them with anywhere! You can even make your own blends for specific ailments as well. I have a sew grown bag that I keep my essential oils in. This is made for essential oils specifically so they don't bounce around in the bag a spill.

Check them out at

Stay safe and healthy this summer and into fall with these essential oil tips!

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