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Healthy Gifts For Your Valentine

It's right around the corner! Valentine's Day! A day to celebrate LOVE. A day to celebrate relationships and friendships. A day to do something nice for someone. I'm going to be sharing with you great gifts for your valentine, family member, co-worker, friend, etc. Many times Valentine's Day is centered around flowers and chocolate (filled with sugar). There are so many beautiful and yummy options out there so you don't have to fill your mouth with endless amounts of sugar.

1. Food

Since food is so emotional for us, this seems like the first category to mention!

Chocolate of course is the most popular sweet treat, but there are so many healthy options out there now, some without sugar, and some with better alternatives.

Chocolates & Candy:

*Lily's Chocolate bars and chocolate balls are great (sugar free and gluten free), these do have some dairy so if you are allergic, opt for something else.

*Lakanto's chocolate bark-Sweetened with monk fruit and so delicious!

*Sweet Luv Chocolate chunks-sweetened with stevia

*Hu (get back to human)- great chocolate bars with coconut sugar!

*Making your own chocolate with raw cacao butter and sweetener!

*Candy: Dr. John's, Smart Sweets, Ice chips (xylitol chunks)

Lunch Or Dinner Ideas-

* Candle light Steak Dinner

*Homemade Almond flour pizza

*Chicken Alfredo

*Winter Walk Picnic

*Apps & homemade dessert

2. Flowers:

If you know your Valentine likes flowers, there are many options to choose from!

Some love the fresh, beautiful, and smell good flowers. Find them at your local florist, Costco, grocery store, etc. The real thing never gets old! If you want to get really creative, here is the meaning of different colored flowers:

Red: Red flowers, especially roses, are most often associated with romantic love and passion. They can also mean desire, strength, courage, and respect.

Pink: For more playful, platonic love, go with pink flowers. They represent happiness, innocence, gentleness, and grace.

Yellow: Cheerful daffodils, tulips, and other yellow flowers mean joy, friendship, and health.

Blue: Blue flowers, like hydrangea and cornflower, are peaceful and serene and used to promote openness, relaxation, and intimacy.

White: White flowers symbolize purity and honesty and have long been traditional components of bridal bouquets. They can also mean sympathy and are used in memorials.

Orange: Vibrant orange flowers, like marigolds and zinnias, represent joy, warmth, and enthusiasm. They can be used to cheer up anyone who is sick or going through a difficult time.

Purple: The color purple implies royalty. In flowers, it means success, tradition, and admiration. Give purple flowers to a respected mentor.

Green: Rare green flowers symbolize rebirth, new life, renewal, good fortune, good health, and youthfulness. Give green Fuji mums or button flowers to someone you wish well.

If your Valentine doesn't like taking care of real flowers but still likes flowers in general, take a look at wood, paper, or felt flowers! These will last forever and they can be a constant reminder of your love for them. You can also do an indoor air plant or regular plant that can last a long time.

3. Makeup & Body Care:

This is a fun one because a lot of women and men enjoy body care items! First let's start with women. Look for organic, locally made, non-gmo products, scented with essential oils and (not fragrances).


  1. Foot scrubs

  2. Hand creams and lotions

  3. Bar soap

  4. Herbal shampoo & conditioner

  5. Beeswax lip balms

  6. Hand crafted salves

  7. Bath bombs and bath salts

  8. Facial oils and toners

  9. Perfumes with essential oils

  10. Makeup:,,,,, savvy minerals from young living, and lilylolo.

  11. Non-toxic nail polish-100% pure

  12. Nail kit

  13. Body wash

For Men:

  1. Beard balm and oil

  2. Cologne made with essential oils

  3. Cooling cream

  4. CBD salve

  5. Lip balm

  6. Bar soap

  7. Hair gel/balm

4. Other Gift Ideas for Men or Women:

  1. Massage certificate - what a great and relaxing way to treat your Valentine

  2. Mani/pedi

  3. New book & journal

  4. Gift card to do something fun: top golf, axe throwing, air max, YMCA, bowling, etc.

  5. Membership to something: yoga classes, gym, therapies, etc.

  6. Diffuser and essential oils

  7. Organic Coffee & new mug

  8. Weighted blanket

  9. Movie night

  10. New card or board game

I hope these ideas inspired you! Let this Valentine's be unique and fun. Let it be a time to share love with those around you in the ways that mean the most to them. Happy Valentine's Day Shopping!

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