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Healthy Habits For Spring & Summer

The sunshine, warm weather, and green grass developing in Minnesota has me getting my backyard and gardens ready. In this blog, I am going to be sharing with you some tips and habits for this summer, so you and your family can enjoy it to the fullest in a healthy way!

Get that vitamin D (outside!!)

As the season warms up, or if you live in a state where it is warmer all year round, you can be outside even more. It's important to get out in the sun, but to not get fried. You don't want to damage your skin, but enhance it. Vitamin D is crucial for so many of our body systems. It's actually a hormone and not really a vitamin. Remember when you get outside, you have to have bare skin in order to soak up some of that vitamin D.


As you spend more time outside and even sweat more with activity, stay hydrated. This doesn't just mean drinking water, but getting electrolytes in. Sodium and potassium as well as other minerals like magnesium are so crucial for hydrating the body. You can add some Celtic Sea salt to your water, a lemon squeeze, or an electrolyte powder to your water. You can also try coconut water. Remember to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. Remember to drink extra when working out or doing activities.


When you are outside grilling more often and enjoying company, you can find lots of gluten free and allergy friendly recipes. Finding vegetables and fruits in season, swapping out marinades for homemade, finding no sugar bbq sauce and ketchup, as well as recipes that everyone will like. Try doing an outdoor taco bar with homemade guacamole, pasture raised pulled pork and coleslaw, or grass fed steak kabobs and sweet potatoes. Get creative and get your whole family involved. Try making some homemade lemonade or sun tea to switch it up a little. If you like bonfires, you can also fine healthier s'more alternatives.

Get In The Dirt

Try your hand at gardening! Start with a pot on your deck or a small box garden. Especially if you have never done it before. Start with easy to grow plants like carrots, snap peas, zucchini, and tomatoes. Get your family involved and enjoy the harvest you will receive at the end of the season. Let your kids play in the dirt and sand. Let them learn the different types of bugs in the garden and maybe even how to harvest worms for fishing.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Take some time out in the woods and go for hikes, harvest wild plants, go to the lake, fish, go geocaching, plan a day trip, canoe, kayak, etc. There are so many things to do outside in the spring and summer. Take time out of your day to get outside. Remember to bring along some natural tick and bug spray!

Plan A Trip

Take some time away to enjoy time with your significant other or family. Plan a vacation, day trip, or a weekend. It can be simple and refreshing. Plan in advance if you plan on going to a national park as these fill up extremely fast. Visit a place in your state that you haven't been to before, check out a state park, or go camping!

Enjoy Life

Whether it's a rainy day, or hot and sunny, you can enjoy the day and do something fun with your family. Look up creative ideas, make homemade popsicles, or take a trip to a state park. Whatever you do, there are so many healthy ways to enjoy this spring and summer!

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