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Start Planning Your Spring Garden: Sharing with you my favorite garden resources!

In Minnesota here, the snow is melting, birds are singing, and the warm sun screams spring! Spring is one of my favorite seasons as I get to plan my garden, pick out my seeds, add something new each year, and enjoy being outside. In this blog, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite seed companies and resources.

The Best Seeds

A great garden has to have great seeds to have a bountiful garden harvest. Whether you have your seeds already or still have to get them, here are some great companies I like to use. If you are like me and like to have an organic garden, it's always important to me that I have good quality seed. There are so many companies out there, that it can be overwhelming to decide on where to get your seeds.

Here are some of my top picks:

  1. Johnny's selected seeds-(My favorite) They have a wide variety of seed, mirco-greens, and more. They have a great selection of organic seeds and I find that I get great germination from their seeds.

  2. Baker Creek Heriloom Seeds-They have a wide variety of unique and hard to find seeds. You can get various colors of vegetables and sizes from their company. They are also non-gmo and heirloom seeds.

  3. Territorial Seed Company-Great variety of seeds, beneficial insects, and tools.

  4. Filagree Garlic Farm-Great place to order garlic and shallots from as well as asparagus, sweet potato slips and seed potatoes! Great family farm and organic.

  5. Seed Saver's Exchange-Great quality, heirloom, non-gmo and organic seeds.

The Best Fruit Plants:

When it comes to planting berries, fruit trees, or bushes, the easiest is to get plants or cuttings. You may even be able to get cuttings or plants from a neighbor or friend. If not,

here are some of my favorite places to get fruit plants, trees, bushes:

  1. AgResource INC- Based out of Detroit Lakes, MN, they have asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, tools, and equipment. I love getting 2-3 year old blueberry plants from them as they end up establishing better in my garden.

  2. Stark Bro's Nursery- Great place to get berries, fruit trees, and bushes shipped to you. This is where I got my elderberry plants.

  3. Nourse- Great place to get berry plants that are shipped to you.

  4. The Woods Nursery-Located in Waite Park, MN. You can order great berry plants, grapes, bushes, and trees from them as well. Pick up is easy and they are very helpful.

The Best Vegetable Transplants

If I am not starting some of my own seeds at home I like to support local farms that grow transplants.

  1. Healthy Heritage Farm- Cold Spring, MN. They have a great selection of organically and non-gmo grown plants! Plants that I have purchased from them have done wonderfully in my past gardens. If you order, be sure to get the order in soon!

  2. Farmer's Markets-Sometimes you can find great organic and non-gmo plants grown locally. Take a look around your local area to find nurseries and farms that grown them as well.

Favorite Garden Resources:

When it comes to gardening, you usually need some hoses, tools, gloves, etc to get the job done. Here are some of the place I like to get helpful tools to grow in my garden and be more efficient.

  1. Gardener's Supply Company- They have great tools, equipment, raised bed kits, pots, gloves, organic fertilizers, garden decor, hoses, watering kits, composting bins, and so much more. I love all the things that they have available. Unique and functional. Definitely favorite garden store!

  2. Arbico Organics-Offers fertilizers, beneficial insects, tools, and organic solutions for your garden.

  3. Dr. JimZ- Awesome garden fertilizer.

  4. Neptune's Harvest-Great garden soils, fertilizers, and more.

I hope these resources are helpful to you and that you may even try something new this year. Enjoy planting, picking out your seeds, and plants for this spring. Let your family be apart of it, work in the sun, and enjoy the end of season harvest!

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