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Strengthen Your Immune Cells: tips for fighting viruses & infections

We all deal with viral exposures in the winter so preparing yourself ahead of time and keeping some things on hand are extremely helpful! I'm going to share some quick tips to help your body fight a virus or infection. These are just my tips/ideas from experience, so it doesn't mean that it is for everyone. If you are pregnant or nursing, you may not be able to take or do some of these things. Again, always do your own research and listen to your body.

Tip #1 Sauna!

Get in the sauna if you have one, or go buy a sauna session somewhere.

Doing 30-60 minutes increases your body temperature. Guess what? Your body's first defense against infection is a fever! By boosting your core body temperature (mimics a fever if you don't currently have one), it helps fight off infections before they take a hold. If you have a fever already then obviously your body is doing it's own sauna therapy. If you consistently use a sauna, it may help reduce the ability of viruses to replicate in the body. Once you feel some slight symptoms, get in that sauna and sweat! You will be glad you did.

Tip # 2 Nebulize colloidal silver & take internally during active infections.

If you have never used a nebulizer, this is a game changer! On the onset of any symptoms, I like to nebulize some colloidal silver to get a head start. Targeting your sinus areas are so important because some viruses we can catch by just breathing them in. Get a nebulizer online from amazon or anywhere else. They are easy to use and clean. Children can also do this. Colloidal silver is gentle and wonderful for viral and bacterial infections. Doing it 3 times a day or more when actively sick, is helpful. You can also take silver internally if you wish as well, this helps target all areas of the body. When measuring out colloidal silver- 2ml is sufficient to use per session.

Tip #3 Take Glutathione.

Glutathione is simply an antioxidant found naturally in the body. It helps with inflammation and oxidative stress while helping the immune system. Find a liposomal glutathione and take the amount the product lists.

Tip #4 Use nasal sprays and diffuse essential oils.

For nasal sprays, Ion Biome, X-Clear, and colloidal silver are wonderful to do a few times a day when sick if you don't have a runny nose. If you are dealing with a runny nose this might not be so helpful- your body is already getting it out for you. Diffusing and breathing in essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, and citrus oils help release mucus and congestion.

Tip #5 Take herbs and supplements for support.

Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 K2, Astragulus, Elderberry, Echinacea, medicinal mushrooms, and zinc all help support your immune cells. I am not going to list amounts because it is different for everyone. Keep in mind, vitamin C, you really can't overdose on as your body. It will just excrete it if you have too much. Your body can handle quite a bit of this vitamin when sick because it needs more antioxidants at that time to fight the oxidative stress.

Find some local syrup, tinctures, or homemade elderberry syrup. This is great to take multiple times a day when fighting something. Check your Vitamin D levels as well to see how much your body specifically needs. You can do this with a blood test and you will be surprised to see what your levels are.

Tip #6 Take a detox bath.

Epsom salt, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and essential oils in your bath will help relax, loosen mucus, and even help with fevers. Just make sure the water is lukewarm if dealing with a fever. Soak for a minimum 20 minutes with a goal of 40 minutes if possible.

Tip #7 Get adjusted (chiropractor).

Getting your body adjusted when fighting something helps every part of the body. Eliminating stress, helping the sinus areas, and getting your nervous system to communicate efficiently to the rest of your body will help in your healing process.

Tip #8 Switch up your diet.

Drinking bone broth, herbal tea with raw honey, and cutting out sugar will help. Bone broth has so many vital nutrients and minerals. It is easy for digestion and sometimes when you are sick, you don't feel like eating much at all anyway. Try some bone broth or even various herbal teas to help calm and heal. Cutting out sugar is important because it suppresses the immune response and creates stress/inflammation on the body.

Tip #9 Get good sleep.

When fighting infections or viruses, getting good sleep is key. Sleep as much and whenever you can. Make your room dark, get some comfy blankets, and sleep tea. Let your body rest. When you are extremely sick, stay home. Use common sense.

Tip #10 Speak positively over your body!

When we are sick, it can be easy to speak negatively even it is makes sense or is justified. Remind yourself to speak life over your body. If you are a person of faith, pray for healing!

As you try different approaches and things, you will find what works best for your body.

May you find health and healing during this season. You got this!

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