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About Us

 Eden Wellness had first started as a creative outlet for Melody when David & her got married. They had their own homestead with goats and wanted to see what other products they could make with the milk. After a few years of now creating testing, improving, and selling products, it has become something that has helped many people with their skin conditions.

We saw that many products were toxic and not safe to use. We wanted to use ingredients that were whole, organic, and filled with nutrients that didn't have all the harmful chemicals. Now more than ever, they wanted to not just offer products, but also hope and one on one health guidance. Our products have expanded not just from skin and body care, but to nutritional products as well. 

"Our greater mission is to help people on an individual basis, offering them guidance and restoration through nutritional counseling, therapies, testing, and herbal supplements. We want to see less chronic health problems in people. We want to see people revived, rebuilt, and restored!"

Now, you might be wondering, why the name Eden Wellness?

Eden actually means to take pleasure in or delight. If you have ever read the story in the Bible of the beginning, Genesis is a book that explains how things were created and what Eden was like. It was set aside for his people. Perfect, healthy, and whole. This was significant to us as we looked at Psalm 37:4, "Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." I have a desire. A desire to be healthy and whole. In the very beginning God made the land for good. Eden was a perfect, peaceful, and fruitful place. That is where my inspiration came from. We wanted to create an idea, something that would inspire many people. Health is such a big part of our lives. God actually wants us to take delight in what he has created and enjoy them. Eden was a place like that, no pain, no sorrow, no health problems. We are physical, spiritual, and emotional beings. Focusing on mind, body and spirit is essential in our care. 


Is a certified holistic health & wellness practitioner trained by the Wellness Way. She is also an essential oil coach, skincare formulator, and homesteader. She enjoys working with herbs, plants, and nature to live a healthier life. She enjoys teaching and sharing her hand crafted items with others. Melody has a passion for wellness and seeing others be restored. She knows first hand how lifestyle habits and finding out what is going on in the body is so critical for optimal health. She has dealt with fertility issues, immune problems (mold illness & viral infections), and allergies. She wants others to see the "light at the end of the tunnel" and let them discover that, "becoming health and whole is possible".  


Is a current crossfit level 2 trainer who has also excelled in high school and collegiate athletics. He has a background in human Kinesiology and biomechanics. He is also a holistic health and wellness practitioner trained by the Wellness Way. David's passion for health and wellness began at a young age. Born a premie, he had to overcome many health challenges including respiratory issues like asthma, allergies, and gastrointestinal issues. He has overcome them and wants to help others reach their health potential. 

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