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Health & Wellness Consults 

David & Melody are passionate about helping people with their health goals and getting on the right path to restore wholeness. Working one-on-one is so beneficial as they can better understand your health and help you to reach your potential.When it comes to your health, it's important to have accurate testing, hope, individualized care, and supplements (if needed)! We primarily focus on helping women and couples with fertility issues, mold illness, detoxing, hormone balance, and more. We want you to feel revived, rebuilt, and restored when you work with us! We can help you heal! 

Food Knolling

Do you struggle with:

Mold illness
Heavy metal toxins
Sleep issues
Digestive issues or diseases
Hormone imbalance


What do we do?
We will assess an individual's health history, current issues, and provide a plan to move forward in healing, offer accurate testing and supplements, and guide clients through their health journey to wholeness. Melody also works with essential oils and herbs to help add in medicinal plant properties to your health. 

Health Shake

It's all about how you perceive something, can you think differently and see your circumstance from a different perspective? 

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